Following from ‘The Story of Breath‘ sequel, here comes the next. The story about Meditation. The more I delve into this world, the more I see this as a mind transcendence. Just like the word Yoga and Fitness, Meditation has also become a general meaning behind the word as it branches to multiple more directions.

Once upon a time, there was breath. Then, along came Meditation.

Story of my Journey

My story of meditation started quite a while back when I started teaching Les Mill’s BODYBALANCE, as it had one track at the end about meditating lying down or seating. This track usually gets members to relax on the floor and to doze off. I didn’t really practice it myself and kept teaching the same method for a good 4 years.

In August 2020, my life was hit by a redundancy due to Covid-19. This is where I ventured further (by coincidence) through a friend who added me to try Deepak Chopra‘s 21 days of abundance. It was one of those forwarded chats whereby you give Day 1 a try. How the lessons were laid out:

  • A Description about the focus for the day
  • A reminder on a particular thankful thought
  • A mantra to repeat during meditation
  • The meaning behind the mantra which gives a focus like abundance, wealth etc.
  • An exercise to write on with a pen
  • A video clip music that sets you up to focus on the mantra throughout the whole 5 mins.

Each day was aimed for 15 mins, so I tried the 1st day.

And then it happened…

I looked forward to the next…

And the next…

Before you know it I finished the whole 21 days and also led my own group to trying it. Surprisingly, they didn’t finish. You all know we tend to skip these forwarded stuff and don’t do them but this was the only one I was consistent on.

So I kept going without the 21 days…not sure if it had changed me or not. I maintained my podcasts collecting bits and pieces of hints along the way stumbling into Mind Valley’s meditation and tried to focus on 4 items while breathing. Just like fitness and classes I’m always keen to explore and be open to new moves, types of class and now being open to the types of Meditation.

The Current of my Story

The curiosity and exploration grew as I continuously try to meditate each day, followed by the start of reading a new book and then adding push-ups to my morning routine. Currently, I am reading about Becoming Supernatural by Dr Joe Dispenza which has led me to another world of mind transcendence.

How big is this world? One would perceive as miracles, answering questions like:

  • Being able to be cured of cancer or similar severe disease;
  • Having that dream job ;
  • Being able to alter and change a gene in the body;
  • Pure happiness with a free mind which will never change;
  • Immortality..

It was mind-blowing through his knowledge as I connect to him more. There is a history behind this amazing person, as I first came across his voice over 15 years ago through the video ‘What the bleep do we know‘. It was through his book that he made his way back into the public scene after years of silence and it was through his breathing space that led him here. As a neuroscientist and a doctor, I am just drawn to every ounce of words he speaks. And I am currently trying out his steps of meditation.

What am I drawn to? How incredible and powerful we are if we listen inside us. How perfectly superb we are and the opportunity to tap within, and open us not only to be who we are but how can actually change our lives, the environment, the globe.

One of his many quotes

Where to next with my Story?

So I have embarked on an 8-week course with Mindfulness in New Zealand through Rita Riccola where I start at the end of January but have already embark on making this practice a routine. I now meditate every morning when I wake up experiencing and exploring more within myself. I have picked the above organisation just because it is accredited and recognised. Plus, I get to expose myself to other facilities and a wider variety of people such as:

  • Children at Schools (I think this is becoming more important as they are now more exposed to technology at a younger age);
  • Gyms;
  • Council spaces, community centres;
  • Possibly retirement spaces and hospitals.

Until then, even though the story ends here on my post, the journey will continue as I unfold this new space within my life’s footprints.

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