To celebrate the re-born of a brand-new website, I am going to start off with a survey. Whoever who completes it will be going into the draw of winning a prize.

What’s the prize? One of my top favourite books on either Mindfulness or Movement for FREE. This will be an e-book if you are based outside of New Zealand.

Can you read backwards?

If you’re into QR codes, here’s one:

Now it doesn’t just come with a book… I’m throwing in a FREE 30min health assessment with no obligations!

Okay, I’m feeling more generous, let’s also include a FREE 2-week workout program from home.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to start the Survey

Or if you’re a QR person, here you go:

Promotion ends 30 Nov 2020 so please get yourself, your friends / family, random people you meet down the road to click the button to win this big change.

Good luck.

Crossing my fingers for you

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