So where do I begin? Oh yes. Hi, my name is Gjin (or simply Gin) and I currently am based in Auckland, New Zealand. I was born in Malaysia and came to this beautiful country in my teens.

Ok, straight to the point. My vision with the refreshed website is to provide my personal insights, knowledge and experience about Movement and Mindfulness for the busy (or those who admit they are) as quickly in multiple platforms of articles, audio, video and info-graphics.

I, too, have recently achieved New Zealand Certificate in Exercise (Level 4) through Skills Active so am fully qualified to provide Personal Training service (woop woop).

How I felt after getting my Personal Trainer qualification…

Background in Movement

Soooooo this background goes all the way back to when I was 5 where I learnt how to swim and did gymnastics. Those sport grew, just because it was so hot in Malaysia all the kids would be in the pool and I was kinda good at tumbling and learning new skills.

Those sports turned me to a National athlete right up to my University age, representing Auckland and my state in Malaysia winning a few gold moments and having to compete against the top athletes in respective countries.

Through those years of training, experience was immeasurable. I have gone through from learning how to swim and tumble to the exposure of mental strength, coping through performance against injury. Let’s just say if I had a second chance to study again, it would have been sport science. So I landed with the following instead:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Exercise (Level 4).
  • Certified Les Mills Instructor for BODYBALANCE and BODYPUMP.
  • Freestyle Group Fitness instructor for Bosu, TRX and ViPR.
  • Previous ACE (American Council on Exercise) qualified.
  • The list will continue with further upskill on Nutrition, Meditation and Health Coach….just coz, I love it!

Background in Mindfulness

I have always been curious and inquisitive about the human consciousness. Stating from the above of being a qualified group fitness instructor, I have gained knowledge in Meditation through Les Mills BODYBALANCE. Other than that, I have to admit I do not have formal lessons taken but shared experiences.

What were the experiences? Post-natal depression to start with. Others? Suicidal, lost jobs whilst in major debt, and the recent redundancy due to the current Covid-19 conditions.

What has allowed me to find abundance and lessons in those periods were through a collection of self-help materials, which continues to grow in my epiphany space. Currently ‘worshipping’ the likes of Eckhart Tolle, Vishen Lakhiani and Mark Manson.

Background in Motherhood

Meet Elise and Ezra (before they start telling me to stop posting their photos)

So, my son was born in 2015 and a daughter in 2018. Both of opposite characters but hopefully with my guidance ,merged with sibling love. I err to the side of preferring to be a working mom instead after going through countless experience with each child.

My son was born through epidural, in a hospital and had to adapt to being kicked out of an apartment 2 weeks since he was born, and further moving countries at 6 months. At 18 months, he was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) non-verbal, no eye contact nor responsive to his name.

My daughter was born through water birth in this country and bottle-fed at 3 months because she had an allergic reaction to breast milk no matter how clean my diet was. She is on the other end of my son’s spectrum of being openly aware of every single being and animal and knows all her friend’s name in the classroom (that’s over 10 people).

To date, I only have 5 years of experience in this category (ha ha) and there are many lessons to be shared through. This I will unfold more through my posts but would prefer to concentrate on the wellbeing of motherhood, equip with the tools and skills I have learnt to pass on to others.

Regardless, if you have any questions or feedback shoot them to Heck, we could be friends too *wink*.

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