Basic Meditation – Drifting Sensations

This one I find really neat and simple if you grasp it. It does take a bit of adjusting, but once you get it you can actually apply it to real life quite quick. In this episode, we will experience drifting and alternating our sensations externally and internally. I stumbled across this technique through one of the famous spiritual teachers’ […]

Basic Meditation – with Nature

There are two episodes in this post, where we drift ourselves into nature. Clouds This is a visualisation technique which allows us to explore if nature can help guide us to our inner space.When we think about nature, it does give us a sense of calm and centred-ness. This is because nature and us are interconnected. Fluidly continuous just like […]

Basic Meditation – Eyes Open

For this, please use the link below to hear it from my podcast. Long story short whilst I was recording my voice and speaking from a ‘script’ I didn’t feel satisfied in one part. So I did a ‘halfway’ recording and stitched them together into a podcast. This is about 8 mins long including the introduction Back to this little […]

Basic Meditation – Doing Nothing

I quite like this one coz it felt like if I did a workout and should only go at 90% but I went 110%, it’s a reminder to STEP back because the maximum benefits actually lie in the 90%. The scripts this time come from another person whom I look up to, Jeff Warren I bumped into him through the […]

Basic Meditation – Body Scan

Week 2 – Body Scan Well done for trying week 1! Here I do recommend journaling your experiences so you can read and reflect and see changes. (what did you notice? and what you found challenging?) Following from week 1’s exercise of finding of our homebase, week 2 explores scanning through our physical body usually starting from the top of […]

The Story of Meditation

Following from ‘The Story of Breath‘ sequel, here comes the next. The story about Meditation. The more I delve into this world, the more I see this as a mind transcendence. Just like the word Yoga and Fitness, Meditation has also become a general meaning behind the word as it branches to multiple more directions. Story of my Journey My […]

The Story of Breathe

Once upon a time…There is Breath Breathing is something we do daily. The human being in a living state, breathes involuntarily whether awake, asleep or moving. To breathe is to live. It is a vital function of life. On average, we breathe in and out 20,000 times a day! With up to 10 muscles utilised inhaling and 8 muscles when […]

Results from Survey

Hokai! So I sent out a survey at the start of this journey of ‘blogging’. It had 9 questions, probably would take about 5 minutes to answer and lasted for a month. The survey had the title ‘Your Movement and Mindful Journey’ and there were some unique questions, and some tick-the-box type. Questions posed were: What are your 3 biggest […]