Welcome to my page, renewed, refreshed and ready to take inspiration to a whole new level. And if you’re part of my Facebook group already yes it’s a pure conversion of previous ‘Happy Handstand’ to Gjin Ow.

….and if you have no idea what I’m talking about all good, let’s just say I owned two blog sites and have decided to commit to one. And also the founder (aka Me aka Gjin aka Gin (not Tonic) has evolved somewhat (no, not into a butterfly).

So what is the new website? And why have I used my name?

Committed to bringing you relevant articles, ideas, and perhaps answers to your curiosity and questions about Movement, Mindfulness and Motherhood. These are shared through different platforms and will also include personal experiences.

Also these articles, as I know you are busy or if you like to skim through will take no more than 3 mins of reading time (unless I’m super passionate about the topic) and video clips up to 3 mins (unless you like to see bloopers)

P/S: Please be warned that this will slightly be biased to busy mothers and women just because I am er….one myself.

*eye roll*

Don’t fret, when things starts to pick up there will be a line up of blogger guests who will be a part of this journey. (Phew).

So without further adieu, head on to either to Movement, Mindfulness or Motherhood space to entice yourself a platter of nourishment for the mind, body and soul. And I want to ensure that you leave so happy that you would be dancing around attempting a handstand (weee~).

If not:

Please email me if you are dying to know of a certain movement or mindful question that is on your mind. I will be happy to clear that fog.

And I am also a personal trainer so if you’re curious to explore my service, PM me.

And…do sign up to my newsletters for monthly updates =)

“Create balance, feed your soul, fuel your body, expand your mind, strengthen yourself.”

-Author Unknown-