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Version 1 – With music
Version 2 – Without music

Week 1 – Finding Your Home Base

This is a first session allows us to draw our mind or focus to a particular home base.

It may be daunting when the word ‘focus’ feels like a need to do something, rather than a place to relax but it is a space of Growth.

  • Finding a home base allows us to stay grounded;
  • To feel calm in the midst of chaos;
  • Quiet in the space of noise;
  • To pause when things are flowing endlessly.

A home base can be anything you are aware of presently, for example:

  • Feeling your breath on the top of your nose
  • Noticing the rise and fall of your belly
  • Listening to calm background music or a white noise
  • Weight of your arms resting
  • Weight of another part of your body (try the chest or your hips)

Any time the mind wanders, try to come back to your home base. It’s all about that practice, for there lies the growth in content, calm and inner peace.

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