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Week 2 – Body Scan

Well done for trying week 1! Here I do recommend journaling your experiences so you can read and reflect and see changes. (what did you notice? and what you found challenging?)

Following from week 1’s exercise of finding of our homebase, week 2 explores scanning through our physical body usually starting from the top of our heads down to our toes.

Preference is to lie down but if you’re sitting up, do rest your head back. More relaxed position.

Always remember:

 💗 It’s ok if you have fallen asleep. The body does what it needs and it may need this today.

 💗 It’s ok if you’re distracted all the time. It’s a new skill to learn so take baby steps (and be kind to yourself!).

 💗 It’s ok if you’re not doing it consistently. The BIG motivator is to keep trying.

But trust me, there are a great deal of scientific evidence in the benefits that we can get from this. I have mentioned it in my previous posts (3 ways to breathe, but only 2 to keep and The story of breath).


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